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Eyelash Extensions – What to Know...

Getting eyelash extensions with your local Mobile Nails & Beauty therapist weather in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Gold Coast comes with all sorts of benefits. The best is the convenient at your own places. Before you get eyelash extensions though – especially if this is your first time ever getting them done at a mobile nail services salon 

– you should have a firm grasp of what eyelash extensions are actually all about.

You see, most people when they think about eyelash extensions, they are thinking about those flimsy “falsies” that have long since gone out of fashion. You know, those things you attach to your lid with some glue and then expectantly wait for them to fall off at the exact wrong time at your event you are going to? Yeah, those. No fun.

 You see, eyelash extensions of today also are not like those individual clots of lashes all tied together. No, eyelash extensions take another approach. When you go to your mobile nail services salon for eyelash extensions, you are going to have your beautician actually glue synthetic eyelashes to your normal eyelashes. Note, I said they glue these semi-permanent synthetic eyelashes to your actual eyelashes, not your skin. Thus extending the length of your natural eyelashes, while also rarely ever falling off due to a special procedure that the beauticians do to your eyelash extensions. Making the process truly a semi-permanent affair. The added benefit of getting eyelash extensions from a skilled beautician versus the “falsies” or the clusters of eyelashes knotted together, is fairly obvious. This way you can make sure when you go to the ball, you are not losing eyelashes all over your dress, or suddenly have two eyes with two different lengths of eyelashes staring out at the crowds. Both of these situations are pretty embarrassing, plus it totally ruins the whole experience of dressing up and looking nice. The other thing about it, is that it is annoying that you have to reapply these “falsies” all the time. Whereas with eyelash extensions, you have a permanent solution that you only have to deal with once. Or twice if you decide to get more done or have them taken off by your local mobile nail technician or beauticians

 So how long will these eyelash extensions last? Typically, if you take care of your eyelash extensions, they can last for 3 to 4 weeks. Between half a month and a full month is a way better range than you would have that cheaper lower quality stuff – which often does not last through an entire day much less two to four weeks! You will not need to apply any mascara, and probably will not need to apply any eye liner either once you get your eyelash extensions, so you can save yourself from having to spend the time on that daily task! Of course, using eye shadows and other makeup is still all okay. If you decide to use mascara or eyeliner, make sure the products you used do not have any oil in them. As oil in the makeup can affect the glue of the eyelash extensions, causing them to come apart easier before their due time!