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A guide to Nail Extensions!

Many people who desire to have something outstanding in them go for the services such as body art in order to present themselves as outstanding individuals in the society. Going for nail extensions is one such way which makes an individual stand out in a crowd. It is a matter of fact that many nail bitters or those who want to have long nails are rushing to beauty salons in order to present their nails in a fashionable way.

So, what does nail extensions really mean and how do they help in enriching a beauty of a person is the thought, which by now might be lingering in the minds of our readers.

 For people who can't keep their natural nail long or bite them all the time nail extensions is fantastic for you, and for other who like to drape their nails with flashy nail colors and thus need lengthy nails to present them in a fashionable way through nail paints and nail arts; Nail extensions come as a boon.

 Nail extensions come in different types and the best way to experience them is to ask a nail technician and listen to what they recite. Below is a guide to types of nail extensions available in the market.

  1. Gel nails- Gel extensions are made of colored gel which will easily mould onto your finger nails. With the help of ultra violet light, the gel is engraved onto the surface of the nails and then it is allowed to harden. For gel nails, you need to maintain for every two or three weeks as nail growth cannot be curbed. May be you may need the services of nail technician.

  1. Acrylic nails- In this nail extension type, acrylic powder is mixed with a solution and is brought into the form of a paste. The paste is them applied over the surface of the nail evenly and thus is allowed to dry. This type of nail extension needs to be maintained for every 2 or 3 weeks and that too through a licensed nail beautician.

  1. Fibreglass nails- In this nail extension type, Fibreglass cloth is used and is wrapped around a gel or a plastic mound. When the fiberglass takes the shape of the mould, they are fixed onto the surface of the finger nail. These are thicker than acrylic or gel nails and need no maintenance.

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