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Body Waxing/Sugaring in Australia

Sugaring is the hair removal process that is similar to waxing, Mobile Nails in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Ipswich spa and salons are more and more offering this service. 

Just like waxing, sugaring hair removal service is less painful and it also gives similar results to waxing in terms of the degree of time you might be free of the hair. It is up to you to try out and see which which one you prefer better. Also remember this is a process like any other and hair will possibly start growing back after a few weeks’ time and therefore it is a process that needs to be done often for all who want to have hair-free skin.

There are those that prefer mixing up their own sugar products from home from a recipe as opposed to purchasing it from a store, however, sugaring products are commercially available that can be purchased from beauty stores and supermarkets, so why bother mixing it yourself.

 Like all other hair removal procedures conducted in Australia, the results and side effects from sugaring hair removal varies from person to person. Word of caution though, there are specific body parts that need not be treated and those that require one to visit a professional to treat them.

 Sugar Removal Procedure are Popular in Australia Because

This is a procedure that is easy and can be done from home, and is gentler to the skin and the procedure last for several weeks in a number of cases. More and more mobile nails & Beauty salons around Australia are offering this services. Australian folk increasingly prefer sugar hair removal oven waxing since it’s a gentler process to the skin. The sugar paste cleans up easily with water. This process helps hair removal by the root and the hair should be at-least ¼ inch or 6mm long. If you have longer hair, it will be trimmed to this level. The hair will have to be clean and well dried before the sugaring process is started.

The Nail technicians or beauticians performing the procedure will ensure that all creams and oils have been removed and the application of talcum powder which ensures the skin is completely dry. Sugaring paste should apply in the direction of the hair growth.The edges of a spatula are used in the application of the sugaring paste as the edges help in ensuring that a thin layer is applied. Sugaring hair removal is a safe process since all the ingredients found in the paste are natural and some ingredients are known for their healing properties (Citric Acid and gun Arabic). Sugaring process is an effective and very economical method that gets rid of unwanted hair on any part of the body.