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 Gel color and Shellac nails are fast becoming the biggest craze when it comes to getting nails done.  

Mobile nail technicians serviced in Adelaide, Brisbane,

Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Ipswich and Surfers Paradise Gold Coast are offering shellac nails specifically, along with a diversity of gel colors, that women can use in their mobile manicures and pedicures.

All mobile nail technicians & beautician also carry a range of shellac nails colors so their customer can enjoy their fresh manicure for up to two weeks, as promised by the shellac nails technology.

 Basically, how shellac nails work is that they are used to keep a manicure longer than traditional polish nails. All the normal stuff you would expect in getting a manicure still applies of course, like file down your nail, brush away the dead skin, push back your cuticles and all of that super relaxing practices that people have come to love when they manicures and pedicures. However, the major difference when it comes down to shellac nails versus traditional polish nails, is that shellac nails use a gel technology to give themselves their durability and longevity. Unlike traditional nails that will get smeared, chipped, or simply break apart, shellac nails are made of an altogether tougher technology.

 Shellac nails are applied by applying layers of gel onto your fingernails. Once the gel is thoroughly applied, each layer goes through a “curing” process. This curing process is where you simply put your freshly cleaned hand underneath some UV lights where the gel is that cured by the UV. This process is repeated a few times until a sturdy surface begins to form from the gel. The gel you use can be any sort of gel colors, just like normal nail polish. Unlike normal nail polish though, shellac nails and their respective gel colors used, will never smudge right after you get them done. The reasoning why shellac nail gel polish does not smudge after you apply it to your finger nails is simply because the UV light dries out the gel colors with each layer of gel added. So by the time the shellac nails are actually done, your nails are already dry. No need to wait around, keeping your hand in that impossible immovable stance, hoping to hope that you do not smudge your brand new beautiful nails. It is all done for you! All you have to do is leave, and go out to enjoy your day with a powerful, glossy nails and chip resistant.