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Gel nails are used by thousands of women every day as a type of artificial nail because it so closely resembles the real nail. Gel nail extensions look similar to acrylic nails extensions when it is dry and toughened. That's why gel nails are often confused as being the same as acrylic nails because of the similarity. The different is gel nails need to go under a UV light to hardened and acrylic nails are made from a liquid and powder substance. When the liquid and powder are mixed it forms a long strand of polymer which dries and then turns into a toughened resin resembling a natural nail. The choice is your to test them both out to see if gel nails or acrylic nails is better for you. Another name that also use is Bio Sculpture Gel 

To get gel and acrylic nails fitted you can visit nail salons or book online at (there are plenty of mobile nail technicians everywhere helping women to get great nails in Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney or Perth) and gel nail technicians will use a UV light during a gel nail extensions. Light cured gel nails are made harder when the fingers are positioned underneath an ultra violet light machine for a period of around three minutes. Mobile nail technicians can also bring the small ultra violet machine with them when you receive mobile gel nails therapy. Gel nails and acrylic nails can also be applied to the feet by having a toe nail extensions.

Gel nails are free from any odour and ultra hard wearing and through gel nails Brisbane; they are simply beautiful to look at and the very latest innovation in enhancing the look of a woman's hands or feet. So why not book an appointment this weekend. If you don't want nail extensions, you can get either a shellac manicure or gel color pedicure that will enhance the look of your nails on your hands or feet. Remember, gel nails look just like the real thing, so you won't have others thinking you have anything but healthy, great looking nails on your hands or feet!

You can also have gel nails every where in North, South, East or West of Brisbane that will be fitted by a mobile gel nail technicians or acrylic nail specialist. Most manicurist nowadays who usually perform a shellac manicure or a shellac pedicure are extending their expertise to gel nails extensions to make you look good for the events coming up at the weekend. Gel nails Sydney and Melbourne now available in both gel or acrylics and Adelaide nails also specialize gel nails extensions, gel arts. And most mobile nails & beauty therapist can performs all gel nails, acrylic nails, nail arts, hair removal, gel manicure, spa pedicures, waxing, sugaring, shellac nails and even massage. Book Now