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All about Manicure and Pedicure beauty treatments

Nowadays, both men and women have become so beauty conscious in the society that their enthusiasm to look outstanding is booming the business of beauty treatments.As a part of this beauty trend, Nail care treatments are also occupying a large bite of share among the beauty treatments.

Apart from the usual Skin and Hair care, pampering of nails of hands and feet in order to look prettier is also gaining a lot of awareness among the young crowds. This is where the emergence of Manicure and Pedicure beauty treatment raised some years ago. Manicure came from the Latin word manus meaning hands and pedicure emerged from another Latin word called pedis meaning feet. In both these words the addition of the word Cura means Care.

Hope, the above description has enlightened all those minds which think that Manicure and Pedicure are similar treatments. But one thing which is common in both these treatments is trimming of finger (hands and feet) nails.


In manicure, after trimming the finger nails, the fingers are soaked in a finger bowl with warm soapy water in place and then filing and ridging the surface of the nails is done. The cuticles get softened with this technique and are either pushed back or removed. Then a total hand massage with a moisturising lotion is carried out in order to soften the skin and make it smooth and shiny. Customers then select their color of nail polish or Shellac from different brands and the Nail Technician then apply the nail polish, shellac or gel color to the finger nails in order to enhance the beauty of the nails. Apart from just beautification of finger nails, manicure also helps in getting rid of arm twists, wrist pains, hands ache, finger pains and so on as it offers a relief from pains such as tendonitis in wrists.


 Coming to Pedicure, a similar procedure is followed in this instance, like seen in Manicure. But there is a slight difference in the procedure. First toe nails are clipped and the feet are soaked in warm water tub for around 20 minutes. The beautician then massages the feet in the apolestry and in this process the toe nails are filed and cuticles are pushed back. After this treatment procedure, based on the kind of treatment the customer opts, many salons offer massages of legs, feet and sometimes thighs. Remember, not all cosmetologists are licensed to massage and pedicure above the knee.

 As there is growing demand for Manicure and Pedicure procedure all through the world, the business of both these beauty treatments is flourishing these days and companies are offering mobile manicure and pedicure services to customer’s home or offices.